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Why am I being charged a Bank Transfer Reversal Fee?

What may appear on your account as an ‘Apex Clearing (ACH) bank reversal fee’ takes place when a transfer of funds is canceled.

Here are a few reasons this may occur: if there are insufficient funds in your bank account, there is a duplicate transaction on your account, a transaction is denied, or when the type of account is incorrect.

In the event of an ACH (Automated Clearing House) reversal, a $0.50 fee will be incurred by the user and the funds will be returned to the original account. Stash is not responsible for any ACH reversal fees incurred by the user.

The best way to avoid these fees is by making sure you have enough money in the checking account linked to your Stash Invest and/or Stash Retire account before you make any transfers, including any automated transfers and investments you may have set up through Auto-Stash.

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