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What’s the deposit prerequisite for mobile check deposit?

In order to access mobile check deposit, you must:

    • Activate your Stash debit card: In order to use this bank account feature, you’ll have to activate your debit card. Just go to your debit account on the app and tap the “Activate card” button.
    • Set up direct deposit: We want to make sure you have an active bank account and having funds regularly deposited into your account is an ideal way to determine your activity. The direct deposit requirements are 4 payroll deposits within the last 70 days.
    • Verify your identity: We want to make sure you’re actually you so your money and accounts stay safe! You can quickly verify your identity on the app the first time you try to deposit a check.
    • One purchase transaction in the last 30 days: You must have made a purchase in the last 30 days.
    • Verify your phone number: This is another security measure that helps keep your money and accounts safe. The first time you try to deposit a check, we’ll text you a verification code to verify your phone number.

Accept the terms for mobile check deposit.



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