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What’s the benefit of saving for retirement with Stash Retire vs. Stash Invest?

Using Stash Retire offers you different tax benefits compared to Stash Invest Personal Brokerage account.

Benefits of Stash Retire for retirement saving

Investing with a Stash Retire IRA can offer tax-advantaged benefits.

The two types of IRAs available present two different tax benefits. For more information about the different benefits, click here.

However, money in an IRA can’t be taken out as quickly and you may face fees from the IRS if you take money out of your retirement account before you’re retirement age.

Benefits of Stash Invest Personal Brokerage account for retirement saving

With a personal brokerage account, there is no specific tax benefit for retirement savings, but it does provide flexibility if you want to take your money out of your account before you retire.

With Stash Personal Brokerage accounts, you can take out the money any time you want. Though you may be subject to taxes on the money that you made, there are no age-related rules for when you can take money out of Stash Invest accounts.

Ok, so which one comes out ahead?

Both Stash Retire and Stash Invest are great ways to put money toward your investing goals. But, if you are looking to specifically save for retirement, Stash Retire is the better of the two options here.

Stash does not provide legal or tax advice. If you have questions regarding your unique tax and legal situation, please consult a tax or legal professional.

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