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What are the trading fees?

There are no add-on trading or electronic statement fees and making deposits and withdrawals are free! Instead, we do a simple fee of  $1 a month for accounts with under $5000 and 0.25% a year for accounts over $5000 (which comes out to $12.50 a year for an account value of $5000).

Here’s how we charge that small fee:

If your Stash portfolio has a balance of less than $5,000 and more than $1, we pull that dollar from your Stash Cash each month. If your balance on your Stash Cash drops below $1, we pull the dollar from your bank.

If you have more than $5,000 in your Stash, then the fee is 0.25% annually, taken from your Stash Cash, or a weighted sale of your assets. It is only taken from your bank account if absolutely necessary.


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