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What are Round-Ups?

Round-Ups allow you to round up spare change from your purchases. Every time you spend with your linked account, Round-Ups will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar. For example, if you spend $8.35, we’ll automatically round up $.65.

Every time your savings add up to $5 or more, we’ll transfer the spare change to your personal investment account cash balance. You can pause or resume at any time.

Please note: If you do not see Round-Ups in the app, this is because it is not available to you due to your bank linking method. To enable Round-Ups, you will need to re-link your bank.

If you linked your bank to Stash using micro-deposits, you will not be able to relink your bank manually. If you linked your bank using micro-deposits and wish to enable this feature, please call our customer support team at 1 (800) 205-5164 to relink your bank.

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