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What are the Stash fees for a custodial account?

For Stash Custodial accounts with average daily balances of less than $5,000.00, we charge a monthly advisory fee of $1.00 every two months.

For Stash Custodial accounts with average daily balances of $5,000.00 or more, we charge a monthly advisory fee of 0.0208% of the value of the account. On an annual basis, this represents a 0.25% advisory fee (.0208% x 12).

How is this fee calculated?
Fees are calculated on the average daily balance of the previous monthly period and are billed during the monthly period for which investment advisory services are performed.

Remember, the monthly advisory fee is calculated based on the full previous monthly period so even if your account balance was below $1 on the first, last or any other day during the month you can still be charged the advisory fee based on the average daily balance. Pre-paid investment advisory fees of more than $0.50 (which covers the administrative costs of account closing) are refunded upon account closing.

How do I pay the monthly fee?
For Stash Custodial accounts with a balance under $5,000.00, we directly deduct the monthly $1.00 advisory fee from either:

1. Your Available Cash Balance in your account
2. The bank account you’re using to fund your Stash Custodial account.

Alternatively, we may take the fee from your Stash Custodial account by deducting the fee from the assets in your account, which includes the fractional sale of assets in order to assess the fee. This means you could see a small portion of some of your investments sold in order to pay the fee.

For a full list of other potential fess you may see on your Stash Custodial account, review the Ancillary Fees information.

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