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I never got my micro-deposit so how do I verify my bank?

It can take up to three business days for the micro-deposits to show up in your bank account. Please wait until the close of business on the third day to see if they have arrived.

If it’s the fourth business day (or later) and you still have not received them, there could be an issue with the account information you provided to Stash.

Often when there is an issue verifying a bank account with micro-deposits, it is because you need to use a more specific account number that you’ll need to use. You’ll need to contact your bank to get this number. If your Stash account is not complete you will not receive your micro-deposits.

Also, please double-check with your bank that the number you typed was entered correctly.

You’ll see two small withdrawals on your bank account

Stash will withdraw the two small sums once this process is complete, so make sure you have that amount in your bank.

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