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Why do I need to relink my bank?

There are two reasons someone may need to re-link their bank account.

  1. You have changed your login information with your bank

When you update your login credentials (like resetting your password), we lose connection with your bank.

You’ll need to re-establish that connection. To do that, just log in and relink with your new username and/or password.

  1. Security settings on your bank account have been updated

When either you or your bank update your account security settings, it may mean we lose a connection with your account.

Examples of changes that could cause us to lose connection are implementing multi-factor authorization or a change in your bank’s security system.

To reconnect, you may need to change the security settings in your banking app/online banking and re-link the account to Stash. Contacting your bank’s customer support may be helpful in resolving this.

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