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Is it safe to link my bank account to Stash?

Stash follows the highest standards for data protection employed by financial firms and the financial services industry worldwide.

That includes using something called 256-bit encryption to secure your information, including personal data and fund purchase history. Stash further secures your account with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which ensures any information sent between the Stash App and its servers is protected.

What about Stash having access to my bank account?

Stash will never withdraw funds from your checking or savings account without your consent. In order to purchase any of the investments offered through Stash, you need to link a bank account to transfer funds and to make your desired fund purchase.

If you have more questions about whether it’s safe to link your bank account to Stash, send us an email. You can also read more about Stash’s security protocols here.

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