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How do I sell?

From the home screen in the Stash app click on your portfolio.

When you scroll down you will see the investments you own. Select the investment you would like to sell. Click on the Buy/Sell button. At the bottom of the screen you’ll be presented with the option to ‘Sell.’

At this point you can choose to sell all or a portion of your investment. Select ‘Sell’ to sell a portion of your investment, select ‘Sell All’ to sell the entirety of your investment.

If you’re only selling a portion of your investment you can then select how much you’d like to sell. Input this amount and then select ‘Next.’

You will then be asked to confirm your sale. Select ‘Confirm Changes,’ and voila! You’ve sold your investment.

Once you’ve sold an investment it will appear in your Stash Cash. Sales take two business days to settle in your account, and then you can re-invest them in another fund or withdraw the money to use some other way.

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