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How do I change my bank account?

  1. Navigate to User Profile in the Stash app

Select switch your bank (if this is not an option, please reach out to [email protected])

Please remember, these policies are in place to protect you and us from fraud and in some cases, we will not allow you to switch bank accounts for 60 days without providing us with documentation.

Please note: When linking a bank account, it must be a checking account. Stash does not support savings accounts at this time. Additionally, Stash does not support third-party or business accounts (even if your name is listed on the account).To change your bank, go to Bank Account in the Account tab. Here, you may see an option to switch your bank.

If this option is not available please reach out here so we can help.

Please note: these policies are in place to prevent fraud. In some cases we require additional supporting documentation to allow you to switch bank accounts.

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