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How come I own less than one share of an investment on Stash?

In the past, investors typically had to buy an entire share of a stock or exchange-traded fund (ETF). If the price of one share was $100, that was the smallest amount an individual investor could buy.

In the modern stock market, companies like Stash can buy one share and split it into parts (or fractional shares) for clients. That means you can put in $5 and own a little bit of a share instead of paying hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for the whole thing.

If you buy $5 of an ETF or single stock that costs $100 per share, Stash combines everyone’s purchases, buys that number of full shares, and distributes your portion of the share back. You own it!

It also means that while you own some of a share, you may not own an entire share (yet).

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