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What happens to my money when I close my stash account?

If you decide to close your Stash account, a few things will happen (in this order):

  1. Your investments will be sold

Once you request a closure of your account, Stash will sell any investments you may still own.

It takes 2 business days for these funds to settle in your Stash account. This is because of SEC regulations.

  1. Your cash will be sent to your bank account

On the third business day, Stash will transfer the money from the sale of your investments to your funding account.

If there is any other cash that has been in your Stash account for more than 5 business days, we will send that to your bank account too.

What if I transferred money to my Stash account in the last 5 business days?

You’ll need to wait until the hold period is up until we can send any remaining cash to your funding account. This could be as few as three days, but up to five depending on your portfolio balance.

How long will the closing process take?

The entire process typically takes five to seven business days. Business days are Monday-Friday, and do not include weekends or bank holidays.

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