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Why am I getting charged a $5 fee each month?

If you see a $5 fee in your Stash account, this is a ‘Paper Statement Fee’.

It’s charged by APEX (Stash’s custodian)  and is charged to cover the cost of mailing you a paper copy of your statements.

You will be charged this fee if you request paper statements through the mail. You will also be charged this fee if Apex is not able to send your statement by email.

To correct this, please check to make sure that your email address is correct in your Stash account and that there are no typos. Learn more about changing your email.

If your email address is correct, check to make sure that your email inbox is not full and is still accepting new messages.

Already tried both of these?

Contact our support team and tell them you are being charged the paper transaction fee.

They will make sure the paper statement fees you have been charged to-date are covered and ensure your account is properly set up for email statements with Apex, our custodian.

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