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Why can’t I find my bank? How do I link if my bank isn’t listed?

If you cannot find your bank when you search, you will have to manually add it with micro-deposits.

Return to the bank search and select Link with account and routing numbers

Please double check that you’ve selected More Banks on the search list in the app, making sure your bank is not listed.

Stash does not support prepaid accounts. You can only add a checking account at this time.

Adding your bank manually

Adding your bank manually requires providing your routing and account number.

Once added, we’ll send two micro-deposits to your bank account to verify ownership.

How to add your checking account manually with micro-deposits

  1. Select Link with account and routing numbers within the app
  2. Enter your routing number.
  3. Enter and confirm your account number.
  4. Enter the name on the account.
  5. Submit those details and check your checking account for the deposits.
  6. Return to the Stash app once deposits have arrived.
  7. Select Confirm Bank Account in your Pending Bank Account under Settings.
  8. Enter the 1st and 2nd Micro Deposit amounts and Submit.

Please note: When linking a bank account, it must be a checking account. Stash does not support savings accounts at this time. Additionally, Stash does not support third-party or business accounts (even if your name is listed on the account).

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