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How can I link a different bank account?

Before you can link a new bank account, our customer support team will need to unlink the bank account that is currently on file as a security measure.

To request to link a new bank account, send a message to our support team when you are ready to change banks. We may ask you for supporting documentation for security purposes.

What happens after that?

Stash will unlink your old bank account. Then you’ll be able to add the new one.

Adding a new bank account to Stash

  1. Navigate to the User Profile section
  2. Select Bank Account
  3. Choose Change Bank Account
  4. Enter the account information

What kind of account can I add?

When linking a bank account, it must be a checking account. Stash does not support savings accounts at this time. Stash does not support third-party or business accounts (even if your name is on the account).

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