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What are the Apex Clearing custodian maintenance and bank transfer fees?

Below is a list of Apex fees clients may incur that are not included in the Wrap Fee. These fees would be incurred based on a client’s request, beyond our control and accordingly excluded from the fees and services covered by the Wrap Fee. Should a client incur any of these fees, such client will be responsible for their payment in accordance with the terms and conditions of such client’s account opening agreements. This list of fees is the current list of Apex fees, as represented to us by Apex, but Apex reserves the right to change these fees in the future.:

Bank Transfers:

Bank Transfer (ACH) Incoming – $0

Bank Transfer (ACH) Outgoing- $0

Returned ACH (insufficient funds) & Recall/Stop Payments – $0.50 each

ACH Notice of Correction (NOC) Fee – $5 per notice

Account Maintenance Fees:

Electronic Statement & Electronic Trade Confirms – $0

Paper Confirms* – $2 per confirm

Paper Statements* – $5 per statement

ACAT (Automated Customer Account Transfer)

ACAT Outgoing – $75 per account

ACAT Incoming – $0

*Statements and confirms are defaulted to electronic delivery. You can request paper confirms and statements if you choose.  Paper confirm and statement fees will also occur if there is a typo in your email address that causes these documents to be bounced back as undeliverable. Please update your email address in the app or contact [email protected]

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